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Lovely sunset tonight so trying out the Sony A6400 capability. The traditional “witches hat” chimneys of the Alpujarras providing a fine focal point.

Also been trying out RAW file image processing using RawTherapee on my Linux laptop. Amazing control over final JPG image production.

Sunset Lanjarón 30 sept 2021

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Photos from yesterdays walk in the beautiful Dehesa de Camarate near Lugros. We were a bit early for the October explosion of autumnal colours but a nice walk nevertheless.

We stayed overnight in Guadix at the Cuevas Abuelo Ventura. Spent a very convivial evening eating and drinking at the Liceo Accitano Restaurante Café Bar.

A good time to try out my new Sony 6400 camera. Some successes but overall I feel I have a lot to learn about using Aperture and Shutter Priority settings. Still, I managed a decent macro shot of Autumn Crocuses and managed to slow/blur the motion of the stream.

Autumn crocuses

Slow motion stream


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Today I've been helping the Chris Stewart walking group. A superb walking tour around the Barranco de Poqueira. Part time taxi driver for Kiersten, dog walker extraordinaire, part time guide and full time teller of tall stories. Guess what? I loved it! Good to be out in the Sierra Nevada showing people our beautiful mountains.

Today I also had the pleasure of meeting Antonio, a long time Facebook friend and legend in the Sierra Nevada. It's great that the mountains give us these moments of “coming together” in friendship.

Antonio Ramos Lafuente

Antonio Ramos Lafuente

Chris Stewart at Cortijo de Pitres

Chris Stewart at Cortijo de Pitres

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There's something uniquely satisfying about reading the weather right. 10 minutes after finishing the walk today in the Monachil Gorge the heavens opened. Really good to be back enjoying Los Cahorros, 15 years since I was last there. Thanks to the Nomads for the good company and jovial banter. Good session afterwards in the bar too!

Bridge in the gorge

One of the bridges in the gorge

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The most spectacular path in the Sierra Nevada that nobody knows about!

The Veredon Inferior is definitely superior to the better known “Veredon Superior” that leads into the Corral del Veleta some 500m south. It deserves to be known as the most spectacular path in the Sierra Nevada that nobody knows about! We now head down onto a vasar, a descending rake which rather cleverly circumvents the vertical cliffs above and below.

The entry to the Veredon Inferior

The entry to the Veredon Inferior

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At 6am on August 20th 2011, together with Pepe Badaje, Jesús Labajo Yuste of Campo Base and muleteers, Toni and Jonni (not forgetting Pepito the mule!), we met at the Ventura trailhead above Lanjarón. We accessed the Rio Lanjarón via the Acequia Alta above the Ventura refugio. Getting a mule along parts of the old acequia was trying at times and took a long time. Once in the river valley we climbed up to the refuge and arrived there by 1pm.

Then it was down to work. Jesus and myself cleaned litter and stones from the building whilst Pepe started on the window. By the end of the day the hut was clean, the ancient wooden replacement window in place and the door frame cemented in. All the accumulated litter was taken back down to Lanjarón which we reached at 8pm, after a 5am start.



We like our new backpacks so much we're beginning to look like them! 😲

My Atom Pack 40 weighs in at just 680 grams and is, in theory, perfect for multi day summer trips into the mountains. Saves me a whole 700 grams on my current Deuter pack. On our next trip up into the Sierra Nevada I will give it a full test when my base pack weight should be well below 5kg.

Good news for old gits!

Atom Packs Website

Atom Backpacks

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There's something special about striking campsite pre dawn and hiking in the first daylight hours, whilst the rest of the world is seemingly still in bed. The sunlight soon hits the mountain tops and a myriad of colours adorns the summit rocks. You amble slowly along the deserted mountain tracks. You are alone in the still and quiet of the hills sharing the experience with animals and birds.

In the summer Sierra Nevada, any bad weather is likely to arrive mid afternoon. Of course, by then, we are enjoying a few cold beers and reflecting on unforgettable shared mountain moments.

My advice? Try it. Start early, finish early.

Striking camp at first light in the Sierra Nevada

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You just might consider this to be the most boring video in the world. Depending on your point of view you may well be correct.

But, on my early morning journey to work in Trevelez a while ago I filmed the whole one hour journey through the Alpujarra with my dashcam.

It's a beautiful journey, thankfully condensed here to just a viewable 13 minutes. The sun is shining, the Alpujarra hills are gleaming and the road ahead is clear. Don't think I met another car going my way. We passed through the sleepy white villages of Pitres, Portugos and Busquistar and through open hillsides with far reaching views. Across the Mediterranean we could see the hills of Morocco.

In my former life it used to take me 50 minutes through rush hour traffic to reach my office 6 miles away. Usually it was raining as I waited, frustrated in the traffic queues. How life has changed for the better!

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An Outdoor First Aid Course giving us certification for another 3 years. Many thanks to instructor, Jane Fields and First Aid Andalucia for two very entertaining days.

A renewal of confidence by refreshing old skills and then learning new techniques, which we can apply in our daily lives to assist others in distress. It was also a whole lot of fun!

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first aid course

first aid course 2

first aid course 3

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