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For all lightweight backpacking enthusiasts (or just if you are an old git like me!) check out the online reviews of this range of backpacks, custom made in the UK. With a 600g weight for a 40L pack with loads of storage/configuration options, they are pretty amazing, if expensive.

Just had to order me one to save the old legs!

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So there I was this morning at the BBQ, preparing my cucumber, pepper & tomato curry for later today (I know, a strange combination, but all from the campo), when a very strange thing happened .... IT STARTED RAINING!!!!!

#Trekking #SierraNevada #AlpujarraNomads

There is a small section of chains on the Verea Corta that facilitate progress across a deep gully. A spectacular setting and easier than it looks. But, don't look down!


#Trekking #SierraNevada #AlpujarraNomads

A stunning mountain track adjacent to the Lanjaron valley

The Verea Corta – first light is best time to experience this beautiful walk. The sun hits the mountain tops and illuminates the peaks. Always ahead lies the stunning Cerro de Caballo (3009m). This is a superb mountain track best experienced north to south at first light.


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Yesterday we went in search of Shangri-La. And we found it! To the people of Lanjaron, their Shangri-La is the upper Lanjaron valley, it's lakes and it's rivers. It's the source of it's life giving waters. A special place that we were privileged to walk and spend the night in.

Entering the spectacular upper Lanjaron Valley

Entering the spectacular upper Lanjaron Valley

Cerro de Caballo behind as the valley opens out

Cerro de Caballo behind as the valley opens out

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We have been keeping weather records at our house since 2006. Records to end of 2018 were collected by our Davis Pro Weather Station. Records since 1st January 2019 were collected by our Weatherflow Station. They form an interesting history of weather events in Lanjaron and the Alpujarras.

The previous “high” was in July 2017 when we reached 41.7C. Today we have been closely watching the rise in temperature and late this afternoon we beat our record. Highest recorded temperature since 2006 is now officially 42.1C!

High 14th August 2021

Snapshot from the Weather Station 14th August 2021

Station Live Data

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Record of Highs since 2006

Record of Highs since 2006

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This is how I currently have my mountain stove set up using a Vargo Triad stove, windshield, 1l titanium pot, fire stick and primer (bottle top). Combined weight is 212 grams without fuel.

I use lamp fuel, obtainable here in Spain for €2 a litre. I use about 40ml for each 500ml boil. Boil time depends on outside air temperature, but I get between 13 and 15 minutes a boil in the mountains.

I like the Vargo Triad, once I got used to it. It's lightweight (38 grams) and can burn Esbit pastilles too as a back up. Important that a simple primer system is used though as without that the stove can take some minutes to get going.

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Although I've had dogs that are supposedly “water dogs” such as Labradors and Leonbergers etc, none has really taken to the water. Of course, this is southern Spain so there isn't that much water anywhere, which hasn't helped.

Yesterday we took them to a river that we have just discovered that flows regularly throughout the summer. It's cool in the shade of the gorge, surrounded by high vegetation. here there is a small lake that's perfect for experimentation.


After watching the superb TV Series “Start Up”, I became fascinated with the dark web. I had previously dabbled with Tor but didn't really understand much about it.

I am a bit of a privacy freak though and the thought of securing my laptop and online presence against peering eyes certainly appealed. The heat of the Spanish summer had led me to the cool air of indoors. I had time on my hands.


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Only one place to be on a hot spanish summers day ... in the river!

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