Somewhere South of Granada


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Quiet day today. Lovely weather and very unseasonal. My wife happens to be a big fan of orchids, so here's a photo of a giant orchid that I took on the dog walk this morning with the town of Lanjarón behind.

Giant Orchid

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The thinking man

Sometimes it's good to just sit and do nothing. Today dawned a dull day, not the inspiring sort of day that brought me here in the first place some 19 years ago. A UK sort of day, I guess.

I took a break from our dog walk to just sit and think. About nothing. Sat like the proverbial “Thinking Man” I listened to the dulcet sounds of the acequia flowing alongside. Over the other side of the valley, the Sierra de Lijar were wreathed in gray cloud.

Corunavirus lockdowns, lying governments, homeless people, hungry children and of course, stupid Brexit were totally forgotten. The mind was cleared.

After some time I was rejoined by my happy dogs and they splashed and played in the gushing waters. Kiersten arrived a short time after and we all made our way home for a warming cup of coffee with Baileys.

Life should be and can be so simple.

#Alpujarras #Weather

Most of the time the weather here is very benign. High pressure systems can last for months. Occasionally though bad weather can hit. And when it does, it usually hits hard.

High winds last night with gusts over 60kph (one of 70kph) displaced our porch roof and dispersed our garden furniture to all corners.

Garden furniture all over the place


Irrigating the Land. How we water our land in southern Spain


In the UK we just got out the hosepipe and watered everything. It was easy. Just turn a tap. Not as easy in a hot country like Spain where water is at a premium.

In the Alpujarras where I am fortunate to live, we live in a very rural setting. We are lucky in that for 9 months of the year we have the waters coming off the magnificent Sierra Nevada mountains to rely on.

water irrigation 1