Somewhere South of Granada


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A tongue in cheek look at our latest exploit

It was a cold, clear morning as a large band of Nomads congregated at the car park at the town of Pantano de Bermejales. Today was a first for all of us, a trip down the river gorge of the Tajos de Bermejales, northwards towards the town of Cacin.

The initial few kilometres provided a gentle introduction to the rigours to come. Ahead the gorge just hinted at it's magnificence rather than laid all it's wares to view.

Far too many photos to post here: All our photos can be viewed here

Unexpectedly, we arrived at a series of rungs and a ladder climbing a near vertical rock. What? I had expected simple wide paths as this walk is frequented by many people, especially at weekends. Nevertheless, the Nomads gritted their ageing teeth and climbed the impasse with much aplomb.