Somewhere South of Granada


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Although I've had dogs that are supposedly “water dogs” such as Labradors and Leonbergers etc, none has really taken to the water. Of course, this is southern Spain so there isn't that much water anywhere, which hasn't helped.

Yesterday we took them to a river that we have just discovered that flows regularly throughout the summer. It's cool in the shade of the gorge, surrounded by high vegetation. here there is a small lake that's perfect for experimentation.

#Walking #Dogs #Video

A superb way to spend a hot summers day! Walking up the river gorge outside The village of Albuñuelas in the Lecrin Valley near Granada, Spain.

Lots of shaded forest and woodland and always the sounds of gushing waters. The walk up the river takes a couple of leisurely hours with an hour's walk back along the road.

Amazonía in southern Spain!! Our dogs loved it.

#Walking #Dogs

Nice walk above Lanjarón this morning with the dogs. Spring is here and the countryside is filled with the sights and smells of wild flowers.


Today was a momentous day. Arko sat still long enough for me to take his photograph

Arko Posing


Thought I'd introduce you to Rita (la Perrita) our adorable rescue that we've had for almost 7 years. Bit of a mixed bag is our Rita. Part Samoyed-spaniel-alsatian according to her DNA, but also we think Podenco. It's the ears give it away!

Rita la Perrita