Somewhere South of Granada


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At 6am on August 20th 2011, together with Pepe Badaje, Jesús Labajo Yuste of Campo Base and muleteers, Toni and Jonni (not forgetting Pepito the mule!), we met at the Ventura trailhead above Lanjarón. We accessed the Rio Lanjarón via the Acequia Alta above the Ventura refugio. Getting a mule along parts of the old acequia was trying at times and took a long time. Once in the river valley we climbed up to the refuge and arrived there by 1pm.

Then it was down to work. Jesus and myself cleaned litter and stones from the building whilst Pepe started on the window. By the end of the day the hut was clean, the ancient wooden replacement window in place and the door frame cemented in. All the accumulated litter was taken back down to Lanjarón which we reached at 8pm, after a 5am start.


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Tete Rousse bivouac below the Grand Couloir of the Aig du Gouter, Mont Blanc range.

With my old mentor, Mr Silver Fox himself, Dennis Morrod and Pierre Julien Morrod.

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100km winds laced with volcanic ash bullets. Tents destroyed. Base camp evacuated. Kamchatka May 2013. Nature always wins out, we are just so privileged to be there when it does #memories.

From Martha Madsen ... “Those were new tents, too. But thank God you all made it out alive in mostly unscathed. That’s a great photo.”

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