Somewhere South of Granada


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An Outdoor First Aid Course giving us certification for another 3 years. Many thanks to instructor, Jane Fields and First Aid Andalucia for two very entertaining days.

A renewal of confidence by refreshing old skills and then learning new techniques, which we can apply in our daily lives to assist others in distress. It was also a whole lot of fun!

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Living in rural Spain is still excellent value. Today I went to a local cafe bar for breakfast. Milky coffee with or without a dash of Brandy/Rum/Baileys plus a toasted baguette covered with fresh tomatoes came to €2!

Needless to say, I drink a lot of coffee.


Our town hall are going round all residents asking if they would have the Covid19 vaccine or not. Presumably this is to determine the amounts required for the town. This puts me in a quandary.

In my opinion there hasn't been enough testing on all these vaccines that suddenly appeared out of the ether. We have no idea of the long term effects of what we are letting them inject into our bodies. Will it adversely affect one group of people rather than another, for instance the elderly, the young, the infirm or people with a prior heart complaint, like me?


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The thinking man

Sometimes it's good to just sit and do nothing. Today dawned a dull day, not the inspiring sort of day that brought me here in the first place some 19 years ago. A UK sort of day, I guess.

I took a break from our dog walk to just sit and think. About nothing. Sat like the proverbial “Thinking Man” I listened to the dulcet sounds of the acequia flowing alongside. Over the other side of the valley, the Sierra de Lijar were wreathed in gray cloud.

Corunavirus lockdowns, lying governments, homeless people, hungry children and of course, stupid Brexit were totally forgotten. The mind was cleared.

After some time I was rejoined by my happy dogs and they splashed and played in the gushing waters. Kiersten arrived a short time after and we all made our way home for a warming cup of coffee with Baileys.

Life should be and can be so simple.