Somewhere South of Granada


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The Patagonian Firebush in all its enchanting glory. I miss these scenes and hope one day to return


Almost two years ago we found the very rare Naked Man Orchid in a certain location between the town's of Orgiva and Torvizcon. We returned this year to catch a glimpse of these very beautiful orchids.

But although we found many types of orchids the Naked Man remained elusive. Were we too early? Were we too late? Had this fragile orchid lost its battle to remain here?

We shall return in a couple of weeks. In the meantime here some we did manage to see.

Sawfly Orchid

Sawfly Orchid

Giant Orchid

Giant Orchid

Cytinus hypocistis – strange Parasitic plant

Cytinus hypocistis plant

#Alpujarras #Nature

Quiet day today. Lovely weather and very unseasonal. My wife happens to be a big fan of orchids, so here's a photo of a giant orchid that I took on the dog walk this morning with the town of Lanjarón behind.

Giant Orchid