Somewhere South of Granada


#Photography #Alpujarras #Sunrise

With the prospect of a decent sunrise I dragged my weary ass out of bed and went up to my roof terrace. After 30 minutes of waiting around in the cold the skies migrated into a myriad of colours.

The hills above Pinos de Valle and it's ermita looked like an exploding volcano as the first rays hit their slopes.

It's worth getting up early!

#Photography #Sunsets #Alpujarras

The colder nights of autumn are great for clearing the air of the summer haze and heat. This gives rise to superb sunsets and sunrises throughout the Alpujarras.

This selection was taken using my new Sony 6400 camera with either a 12mm (18mm equivalent) wide angle lens or the standard kit lens 16-50mm (24-75 equivalent)


#Photography #Walking #Family

Been playing with the camera again today as we returned to the Rio Saleres to do this spectacular river walk with Emma and Claire. The route only takes 2.5 hours but is a special journey into scenery few get to enjoy.


#Sunsets #Alpujarras #Photography

Lovely sunset tonight so trying out the Sony A6400 capability. The traditional “witches hat” chimneys of the Alpujarras providing a fine focal point.

Also been trying out RAW file image processing using RawTherapee on my Linux laptop. Amazing control over final JPG image production.

Sunset Lanjarón 30 sept 2021