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#Weather #Alpujarras

We have been keeping weather records at our house since 2006. Records to end of 2018 were collected by our Davis Pro Weather Station. Records since 1st January 2019 were collected by our Weatherflow Station. They form an interesting history of weather events in Lanjaron and the Alpujarras.

The previous “high” was in July 2017 when we reached 41.7C. Today we have been closely watching the rise in temperature and late this afternoon we beat our record. Highest recorded temperature since 2006 is now officially 42.1C!

High 14th August 2021

Snapshot from the Weather Station 14th August 2021

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Record of Highs since 2006

Record of Highs since 2006

#Kamchatka #Weather

100km winds laced with volcanic ash bullets. Tents destroyed. Base camp evacuated. Kamchatka May 2013. Nature always wins out, we are just so privileged to be there when it does #memories.

From Martha Madsen ... “Those were new tents, too. But thank God you all made it out alive in mostly unscathed. That’s a great photo.”

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#Weather #Clouds #Patagonia

Lenticular clouds, don't you just love them? Well looking at them, not being in them, that is 😂. These a couple of the many I have taken of clouds over Mt Fitzroy, Patagonia

Lenticular clouds

Lenticular clouds

#Walking #Weather

Looking like rain during the morning dog walk

Looking bleak in the Sierra Nevada



Air all full of sand at the moment which is keeping the warmth down and also somewhat spoiling the views. Today on our dog walk by the top acequia

Sahara dust

#Alpujarras #Weather

Most of the time the weather here is very benign. High pressure systems can last for months. Occasionally though bad weather can hit. And when it does, it usually hits hard.

High winds last night with gusts over 60kph (one of 70kph) displaced our porch roof and dispersed our garden furniture to all corners.

Garden furniture all over the place