To Vaccine or Not To Vaccine? That is the question


Our town hall are going round all residents asking if they would have the Covid19 vaccine or not. Presumably this is to determine the amounts required for the town. This puts me in a quandary.

In my opinion there hasn't been enough testing on all these vaccines that suddenly appeared out of the ether. We have no idea of the long term effects of what we are letting them inject into our bodies. Will it adversely affect one group of people rather than another, for instance the elderly, the young, the infirm or people with a prior heart complaint, like me?

If I was younger with less responsibilities I would say, no. Take it away. I wouldn't want anything to do with these vaccines. I am not a Covid sceptic but I believe the pandemic has been used to lessen freedoms throughout the world. And, will continue to lesson those basic human rights and freedoms.

But, I am 65, have a prior heart complaint and have daughters and family that I desperately want to reunite with. I am too old to be the “peaceful anarchist” that I purported to be in my younger days. I just want a peaceful life with contact with friends and family. Not too much to ask is it? Unfortunately it seems that to be able to travel back to the UK I will need to prove Covid health with a future Covid ID or Passport. Without that it seems unlikely that I would be allowed to travel.

So, do I accept said vaccine into my life or not?